October 25, 2008

The Iron Foreigner

The town of the miserable was there since forever, and in that town, the blind resided.
- Blind people, welcome me in your town, don’t you like guests?
- Leave our town, stranger, we don’t want you here!
- But why?
- We just don’t want you!
- Can’t you find a better reason?
- What’s a better reason then – we mind your presence?
- But I came to grant you wishes, I am the Iron Foreigner that grants two wishes!
- What? Are you so miserable that you came to grant us wishes?
- Oh, unbelievers, I am giving you a hand, and you try to stab it and put it on a grill. But, not even your charcoal is burning, flame it up!
- What do you want from us? Go, get lost!
- I want to help you, I am seeking for glasses I can gives you, so you can see clearly, so you can see me as clear.
- We don’t want glasses; those glasses don’t even exist, they are made up by wish granters such as your self, there for, you don’t exist!
- What can I do so you’d believe me, oh miserable people of this blind town?
- Go away!
- Yes, yes... I’ll surely leave this town, but not before I give you what you crave for. Not before. I can’t...
- Why do you harass us so much? Go away, you bastard! Go! Get lost, misfortunate soul!
- People, people... I am not misfortunate, that is why I offer you the glasses... so you can see, so you can hear, so you can know...
- Shut up!
- OK.
- Go away!
- I’m gone.
- Hurry!
- I will.
The wish granter left the town of the miserable, but not by his own will. It was their wish that he granted, without them even knowing that he had fulfilled his goal – he granted a wish.

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