October 25, 2008

Me and the cages

The cage is a fierce thing, even if it is the Faraday Cage.
- Hey, hello! :)
I can only imagine being stuck inside it.
- I haven’t seen you in ages. I am so glad to run into you! :)
Anyone who says that he knows the feeling, because he was there before, is lying!
- Here is my number. Call me sometime! :)
Everyone has been stuck in a cage, now and then, but the bitterness vanishes, it is forgotten as soon as one exits; the taste of freedom completely dissolves the memory of the cage.
- How about tomorrow? I’ll call you tomorrow! :)
When I see somebody in a cage, I feel it, but I don’t remember the feeling of being trapped, unless I, my self, am in a different cage at the moment.
- Yeah, sure! :)
As far as I can remember, I can’t stand it when someone’s freedom is taken away. My bowls turn even when I see a documentary on TV, about people who’ve been deprived of freedom, people who don’t have a choice.
- Talk to you tomorrow! :)
Yes, I hate cages and not just mine, I hate other cages too, I can’t stand them!
- Yeah, we will definitely talk! :)
To make it clearer, I don’t hate imprisoned people; I hate their cages, because they are not home-made, they are added at a latter date.
- Bye! :)
I endlessly love the prisoners.
- Kiss! :)
And how I would just love not to love anybody...

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