November 02, 2008


- Grandson, watch out, a stone is falling, get away pretty little one, get away before it hits you...

That’s what the grandfather said to the grandson, and the grandson looked at him and thought:

- What’s wrong with grandpa? Is he seeing things, or he had too much cider today?

Nineteen years later, the same grandson was walking down the town square in Skopje. In his left arm he had a blue plastic bag. In it, a black notebook, a pen, an old black and white photograph and binoculars. In his right hand he has a cigarette, unlit!

So, Stony walks on down the square towards the bank of the river Vardar, from the side of the post office. He goes down by the river, looking for a bench he can sit on. They are all occupied. Waits for twenty minutes, walks up and down the river, waiting for someone to finally get up.

As if on “Candid Camera”, a guy gets up and sits down every time that Stony gets closer to his bench. Actually he is speaking on a mobile phone, with such passion, that he cannot sit still for 5 seconds. When the guy who almost does sit-ups over the bench finally finishes his talk and goes away, Stony sits down immediately, letting no one else sit on that bench.

The blue plastic bag has a logo on it, but it has gotten so pale in time that it’s impossible to read. He notices that while puling out the black note book and the pen. The binoculars and the photo he places on the bench, and then he opens the notebook, holds up the pen and starts flipping the pages. Half an hour later, after going through every written word, on the next, blank page, he starts writing:

How could grandpa see so far, I still don’t understand? Could he had a telescope like the ones in NASA, and that was his way of seeing? Because the stone is yet to fall, he must have been seeing far, far away. I’ve spent every moment since waiting, waiting for it to fall, but ‘till this day it hasn’t! Could have grandpa been screwing with me? No, he would never do that! No way!”
Then he turned towards mount Vodno, looked through the binoculars, focused on the spot where his grandpa told him that sentence nineteen years ago and just watched. He watched and commented:

- No, it’s not falling yet. Who knows where it is. Maybe it’ll fall any minute now.

While he stared at the mountain, switched off from everything around him, some street cleaners on the square above him dropped a stone down. The stone hit Stony exactly in the head, so he fell down as a rock, and blood started to flow down towards the river.

The people near by started screaming and panicking, dialing phones, calling ambulances. Stony just smiled, and whispered:

- There it is, it finally fell! I knew that grandpa wasn’t lying to me! I knew it! I kne...

The guy with the phone that looked unrealistically silly earlier while talking passionately with someone suddenly reappeared and started yelling at the workers:

- Didn’t I say you should getter the stones in a cartwheel, you fucking morons!! Didn’t you understand me?! What have you done...?

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