November 23, 2008

Nagging contractions in past future and present simple

Nagging is a very frequent title or motive in the blog posts of bloggers.
When I say blogger, I mean - anybody that has ever created a blog and at least once nagged about something.
When I say something, I mean - a thought that is processed in a blogger's brain.
When I say brain, I mean - that gray stuff that's inside the skull, that I have never seen.
When I say never, I mean - those that have never taken a risk.
When I say risk, I mean - the hope of happiness that would defeat the general misery of the spirit.
When I say spirit, I mean - that thing that cannot remain unnoticed by me.
When I say me, I mean - everything that never depended on me.
When I say me, I mean - everything that other people said about me.
When I say me, I mean - everything I have ever liked, hated, loved.
When I say loved, I mean - you in the past.


  1. when you say nagging, is it equivalent to rants?

    love the layout, btw.

  2. I have already read this somewhere. Perhaps several times. Nice.

  3. Nagging is more of a topic bound sport. Ranting can be chaotic. Pretty close though!

    Maybe u can see the future Vnuk? =))

  4. Hi there, everytime I visit your site, I just can't help admiring your layout...

    Nagging means talking untiringly :)

  5. Hey, Pinaykeypoint u can just stay at my site and never close it. ;)

    Thanks for the nice words. :)

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  7. I like what you say about risk. To me, the phrase is encouraging.

  8. Hi bro. thanks for visited my blog and just stopping by to say hi to you.

    Very interesting post and good writing.

    Cheers and happy nagging!

  9. Bunka, there are so many tortured souls in the blogosphere. I wish people didn't have to harbor that turmoil that races through their heads. I pray they find that smile on their faces that I am sure is beautiful.

    Great post!!!

    Happy Holidays :D


  10. Hi there, I was not online for the past weeks, thank you for the visits. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas :)

    Wishing you a prosperous 2009, more friends, more posts and more blessings to all of us :) Cheers!!