January 21, 2009

The Conman

The egoistical agony caused him to scream:
- May you blessedly be conned without even knowing!
He wanted to be conned. Above all stood the wish – no one to ever find out that he was conned. But if he is conned, then the one who did would know, his accomplice would too, and soon after, the whole world.
With the shadow of his presence he smattered the opinion of the world, same as heavy ice stops the springs from the Earth. But, when he wasn’t present, he ran this way and that, frightened that his sensitivity that trembles will be stripped to it’s essence in the winter ambient. It was the reason he hated the world. It was the dreaded fear for his bare personality, the fragile little child ME that in the eyes of the world is still in dippers, under his name and which he loved very much, but couldn’t offer him the hug for protection. Once upon a time he was favored, as same kind of young prince. The world was his…

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